Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Weeks

love this sweet face
First change in a public restroom.
This week has been great thanks to us getting out of the house more. I am still amazed at how fast time moves during the day when you have a little one, but it helps me to function better if I plan a trip away from the house. We have been all over! Luckily Sophia sleeps in the car and timing has made all of the difference! I need to do a better job of taking pictures. We went to visit friends and the camera never made it out :(.
Tori and Jason playing on the iPad...no pictures of Sophia on this trip.
Sophia started vitamin d this week and it caused a few out of diaper experiences while she got used to it. We also started using Gripe Water and have a happier baby because of it.
Sophia after her second bath - and second blow-out of the day.
Baby acne appeared this week - the same time mine flared up. Not a fan.

She is smiling and moving around much more. She is also awake more during the day.

Tummy time is going much better. I can't get over how strong Sophia is. She does a great job with her baby push ups!
Taking a rest.
Sophia is sleeping great at night. There were a few nights that she slept more than six hours straight. When I got too uncomfortable I woke her up so she could eat. I was also up every few hours to make sure she was still breathing :)
Naptime in her crib.
We started working on the nursery again. Before she was born we got as far as assembling furniture. We decided on a butterfly theme and so far have put up the tree and a butterfly mobile. We have her name to hang and some butterflies to put up. There are some shadow boxes and pictures that we would also like to purchase. Maybe her nursery will be completed before she turns six months.

I can't believe Sophia is already five weeks old!

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  1. Wow she is getting big. Yes, our baby acne showed up around this time too. Thankfully it only lasted about 3-4 weeks! I love seeing all your cute pics. YES you MUST get out that way you feel like a real person. Miss H and I would just walk the isles at Target for a moment out!


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