Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eight Weeks

A very unhappy little lady.
This week started with some recovery time. We still have not developed a formal schedule, but we have a good routine going. While Grandmom was in town we spent a lot of time out of the house and after she left we had a few rough days while were getting back into our normal routine. Sophia is going through a growth spurt and has had some major cluster feeding, which added to the fun. I must say that if I was on the fence about breast feeding, eating all.the.time. would have made me switch to formula super quick.

I am thrilled that the smiles have finally arrived. I have yet to capture a good one with the camera. She is even giving complete strangers big toothless grins.
Say "cheese"!

Sophia and Nana doing "so big".
Grandpop and Nana flew in and spent a few days with us.
Bouncing on Grandpop.
Sophia developed a little bit of cradle cap. Nana suggested olive oil and it cleared it right up. The dogs also thought the olive oil was a great idea!

Dave's cousin sent us some presents this week. My favorite - a Moby wrap. Having a carrier makes it so much easier to get things done around the house when Sophia wants to be snuggled.
This is the best of the numerous pictures I took.
I have the shakiest hand when I try to take self-portraits.

All wrapped up next to Mommy.
Here are some more pictures from this week. Picture overload :)
Boppy photo shoot. Love this sweet face!

All wrapped up in her new blanket from GG.
Sending texts with Daddy.

Hanging out at the backdoor with Kona.
The bouncy seat is our new favorite toy from Lisa.
These swaddles are awesome for the middle of the night when I am barely awake.
Looking like a little larva.

First trip to Brixx. Sophia slept the whole time.
We got seated in the 'kiddie section' - which was not the most pleasant dining experience.
The sign says drink beer, save money.

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