Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seven Weeks

Sleeping in her favorite position - with her hands by her face.
Sophia is starting to get MUCH easier to read now. She is much more content when she is awake and this week was enjoyable. Sophia can be very serious - she is still smiling all the time when she is sleeping, but not smiling much other than that.
Cuddling with Grandmom.
Sophia met her Grandmom this week. She flew in from Pennsylvania to spend a few days with us.
Not the best picture, but the only one I took.
Brunch at Zada Jane's - yum!
Sophia also met her 'Uncle' BV when he was in town for a wedding. BV is going to help Sophia learn how to be a foodie :)
Daddy and daughter sleeping after she spent some time screaming in his face :)
This is how I found them after my doctor appointment.
I had my post-partum check up this week and all is getting back to normal. Pregnancy can be very cruel to the female body :)

Here are some other pictures from this week.
First trip to Bad Daddy's for Dave and Sophia.
She slept through our meal and woke up to eat before we left.
Swinging in the hammock and smiling at Daddy.
Daddy-daughter cuddle time.
Snoozing in the sun on a rather chilly visit to the park.
I will try to do better about my updates. I am not on the computer very often. Thank goodness for smartphones. Aside from updating my blog, I am not missing very much.

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  1. She is getting so big. Isn't it fun to finally know what each cry means for the most part. Love the update.


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