Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Six Weeks

Late night snuggle time with Daddy
I will say it again. Time flies with a little one. I can't believe it has already been six weeks. I am so thankful for the time I have at home, just wish I was a bit more productive. Even when she is sleeping I am so distracted and spend a lot of time taking every moment in.

Sophia outgrew some of her newborn clothes this week and moved up to size one diapers. I was trying to use up the last of the newborn diapers but after a few leaky diapers I gave up on that thought. Size one diapers look HUGE, but thankfully no out-of-diaper experiences.

She also decided to become a sloppy eater this week. There are very few feeding that are neat anymore. I have been out of the house more and feeding in public more often and very thankful that I have had sweaters with me. I see why dark prints are recommended for nursing moms. Shame my wardrobe is mostly solid colors.

Be prepared for picture overload :)
Cheesy :)
She is moving around much more. We have LOTS of blurry hand and foot pictures.
First trip to the farmers market on a chilly Saturday.
Still slim on farmers, but we got our fresh goat cheese, veggies, and plants.
Beanie babies :)
We met Sygrid for Chick-Fil-A.
Bunny hat.
All dressed up.
Bows make gender-neutral look a little more girly...but loving the chevron print!
Hunter is still keeping his distance...this is about as close as he likes to be.
Kona is more comfortable - kissing her hand.
Working hard during tummy time.

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  1. She is so precious!! We need another "playdate!" Come over again soon!


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