Monday, July 27, 2015

Smale Riverfront Park

We have lived in Cincinnati for just over two years and I feel that there is still so much exploring that we need to do. At the beginning of the month we made a trip to Smale Riverfront Park. There was a Reds game (and the park is across the street from the stadium) so we ended up parking across the river. Poor planning on our part.

We had a picnic lunch and then Sophia played in the fountains.
We wandered down to the labyrinth and Sophia had fun running and racing through the maze. (No reflection and meditation happening for her.)
The day was warm, but luckily there are multiple opportunities to cool off. After getting all sweaty, we all cooled off in the misty fans.
Sophia's favorite part was these elliptical stations. She could have spent the entire time playing on them.
I got quite a kick out of the flying pig. 
At the edge of the playground there was another water feature with gears that Sophia loved figuring out.
Across the street, but still part of the park, is another sprayground and a carousel. Dave and the girls rode the carousel, but we skipped playing in the water. Before heading back across the river we told Sophia she could pick one more thing to do and she wanted to use the elliptical again.
We did not get to do everything at the park because after the game let out it  got even more crowded, but I can't wait to head back and explore more.
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