Monday, July 6, 2015

Emma Layne {five months}

Emma Layne,
You are five months old today (July 6, 2015)!
No updated stats this month since we do not have a doctor appointment, but you continue to add to your rolls. I love hearing people comment about how 'healthy' and 'chunky' you are.
You have dark hair (although it seems to be getting a bit lighter) and blue eyes.
You continue to wear size two diapers and clothing ranging from nine to twelve months. You do have a few six month items that have a few wears left in them.
You eat around every three hours during the day. On the rare occasions you take a bottle you eat around six ounces. You like to suck/lick your fingers. You also like to suck your thumb while nursing, which is not very effective. You drool all the time and had a few days of frequent spit up. You still aren't the best at burping.
Nighttime still has you up frequently. You like to use a pacifier and hold a blanket or your bunny while you are falling asleep. You also like to have your face covered to fall asleep, but I watch you like a hawk and move it to the side once you are sleeping. I am hoping that when we introduce solids next month you will start to sleep a little longer (fingers crossed, pretty please).
You are so easy going during the day and go with the flow. You are fussiest when you are tired, but it doesn't usually last long.
You love to talk and smile. You could go on for hours with your stories, especially when you are looking outside. We love to try to get you to laugh with zerberts on your belly or funny faces.
Tummy time has gotten so much better recently. You love to lay on a soft blanket and Sophia does a great job of entertaining you. You rolled over once (June 21, 2015), but although you kick and push up like crazy it hasn't happened again yet. You have started moving to your side when you are on your back and have gotten very close to rolling to your belly.
You like to sit and stand with support. You discovered your feet and like to hold onto them when you are on your back. You reach for toys and put everything in your mouth. Sometimes you like your swing, but you would rather sit up while you are in it.
You had your first road trip to Pennsylvania this month and did so well in the car and loved getting smothered with attention from family.
Some of your nicknames this month are: Emmers, Layney, CHUNK!, Chunk-a-cheeks, Sissy, and Drool Monster.
Sophia continues to be obsessed with you. She lays with you while you are doing your tummy time, brings you (all the) toys, sings and dances for you, helps with your bottles, diapers, and baths. I feel like I am always saying "give Emma some space". You smile and laugh whenever she is entertaining you and I know you love her just as much.
Baby Sunshine, thank you for lighting up our days. We love you right up to the moon and back.
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A comparison with Sophia:
Your monthly comparison:
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