Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sesame Place

During our time visiting with family, we took a day trip to Sesame Place. Prior to our visit, Sophia had never watched an episode of Sesame Street, but that has changed since then. If I am being honest, I was not excited about going, but I am so glad we went. We were hoping to visit on a weekday, but the weather forecast was a little more favorable for us to visit on the weekend. The lines were a little longer, but we were able to visit most of the rides we wanted to.

As we are walking into the park Sophia saw the Vapor Trail roller coaster and immediately wanted to ride it. My dad took her on all of the traditional rides and I tackled all of the water rides. I was nervous for her, but she LOVED riding her first roller coaster.
Our next stop was the lazy river, which was a big hit as long as we weren't going under the fountains or waterfalls. Thank goodness I brought her baseball hat - the brim kept some of the water out off of her face.
I tried to get her in Ernie's Waterworks, but she wasn't really interested, since her face would have gotten wet.
We waited in our first long line for Slimey's Chutes. We both loved the slide but Sophia would have rather ridden in a single tube (mainly because it was pink) rather than the double tube with me.
Our next ride was the Sky Splash which had a ridiculously long line. Neither one of us liked this one. The drop from the giant slide was fun, but getting there involved a lot of spinning that left us a little dizzy.
We took a break from the water rides after lunch and Sophia rode the carousel...
climbed in the Monster Clubhouse (which seemed much friendlier than the nets I remember from when I was a kid)...
and enjoyed some of the spinny rides.
Thankfully the whining and pouty lip only surfaced a few times. She was upset that she was too short for a few of the rides and tired of waiting in line for the ones she could ride.
After a quick picture with Ernie, we rode the Sesame Streak, which I loved as a kid. Sophia enjoyed it just as much as I did.
Our last ride of the day was a trip back to the Lazy River since there wasn't much of a wait to get back on it. Sophia was feeling a little braver and put her legs through the tube instead of just laying across it.
We were able to catch the Parade and I took a slew of pictures on my phone, but they aren't the best quality.
Special thanks to Nana for keeping the little one cool and entertained while Sophia enjoyed the rides and Grandpop for taking a ton of pictures for us.
On the way out, I realized that we hadn't taken a group picture so we snapped a quick selfie with my phone. Lousy quality picture, but great day!
Sophia had some money to spend in the gift shop and (of course) she picked (another stuffed animal) Snuffleupagus. He has a spot in her bed, except now his name is Rosie.
I hope we get to visit again next year!

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