Friday, July 31, 2015

Flashback to the 4th

Since it has been almost a month since the 4th of July, I think it is the perfect time to finally get around to posting a few pictures.
Dave's restaurant is normally closed on the 4th, but that wasn't the case this year since it happened to fall on a Saturday. We made the best of it though.

We arrived in Cincinnati two years ago on July 4th, so the day holds a special place in my memory. That year we were exhausted and the fireworks were rained out. Last year we started our traditions.

On the 3rd we head to fountain square for festivities and fireworks. Dave snuck out of work early to join us. Pardon the awful nighttime phone pictures.
On July 4th you can find us in Northside with all of the hipsters and weirdos. I took so many fun pictures, but here are a few of my favorite moments.
We sat toward the end of the parade route and Sophia got whiny and tired of waiting so she entertained us with her own parade.
I laughed out loud and loved the performance from the Northside Mens Drillteam. I loved the drill props and the wagon following behind with extra batteries charging.
Not only were we towards the end of the parade, but we were also sitting in between performance stops. The biggest cheer of the parade was when the car below stalled out, but successfully started up again. Sophia talked about the car for almost a week afterwards.
 We loved all of the costumes, floats, props, and dancing.
The Northside Yacht Club...ha!
Emma took in all of the sights and sounds and made it through the whole parade. As soon as she was back in her carrier she fell right to sleep. We didn't stay long in the carnival area after the parade because it was HOT, but we did cool off with some streetpops and gelato before we headed home.
I had decided not to do fireworks on the 4th since it would be just me and the girls, but the restaurant closed early and Dave was able to escape, so we headed to the neighborhood fireworks show. Sophia enjoyed her first sparkler experience with our neighbors before we walked to the stadium.
And yes, we paid the price for ignoring bedtime more than once, but the 4th only comes around once a year.
 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg

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