Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gender Myths Revisited

When we were pregnant with Sophia, we chose not to find our her gender until delivery. I felt for the majority of our pregnancy that she was a boy. Even after she was delivered I had to check for myself to see that she was a girl - she looked so much like her Daddy. We did not find out the gender again this time around so I thought I would look back at some of the old wives tales with this pregnancy. Go here to see how Sophia's gender predictor turned out.

If you carry low it is a boy; high it is a girl.
If you carry in front (basketball) it is a boy; if you are wide at the middle (watermelon) it is a girl.
30 weeks with Baby Sunshine
Much like when I was pregnant with Sophia, I have no clue how I am carrying. Strangers have told me they think it is a boy based on the way I am carrying. What do you think?
30 week comparison: Sophia on the left, Baby Sunshine on the right.
Dave has not had any sympathy symptoms - GIRL
Morning Sickness (I felt lousy at the beginning, but didn't have morning sickness) - BOY
Heart Rate (below 140) - BOY
Gender Dreams - BOY
Chinese Gender Predictor - GIRL if you look at 'lunar' age; BOY if you look at actual age.
Mayan Even and Odd (age at conception and year of conception - both even) - GIRL
Complexion (no change) - BOY
Dry hands - BOY
Ring Swing (ring swings in a circle, boy; back and forth, girl) GIRL

Sophia has consistently stated that the baby is a boy (except for about 24 hours when she decided she was a princess). Most of the time I think the baby is a boy, but I have moments of little girl thoughts. Either way we will be thrilled, but I can't wait to find out!

What gender do you think Baby Sunshine is?
Just for fun take the poll on the sidebar!
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