Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gender Myths

Since we are getting so much closer to the anticipated arrival of our little one I decided to look online for the gender myths that surround pregnancy.
Belly at 30 weeks - high or low?
If you carry low, it's a boy; high, it's a girl.
If you carry in front, it's a boy; if you're wide at the middle it's a girl.
How am I carrying? I can't tell!
Belly at 30 weeks - carrying in front or wide?

Holding babies - The only baby that I held while pregnant is a boy and he squirmed everywhere - BOY
Dave has had no sympathy symptoms, hasn't put on any weight-GIRL
No sickness-BOY
Heartrate above 140-GIRL

Gender dreams - GIRL
Chinese Gender Prediction Chart-GIRL
Mother's Face (girl  = round, full, and rosy) - BOY
Even and Odd, Mother's age at conception and year of conception (both odd) - GIRL
Eating more dairy - GIRL
Break Outs (stayed the same)- BOY (Supposedly you break out more with a girl since they "steal beauty" from their mother - ha!)
Dry hands - BOY
Key Trick (how a friend picks it up) - BOY
Ring trick - belly (back and forth) - GIRL
Ring trick - wrist (circle) - BOY
Drano Test - did not try this one since we do not have Drano and I am not going to purchase it for a gender test :)

The results are in: We have a 50% chance of having a boy and a 50% chance of having a girl.

I can't believe they make  gender predictor tests. Most of them get really good reviews too. I would not buy one, but people do!

What gender do you think Baby H. is?
Are there other wives tales you have heard?


  1. Ha! I love this post! That didn't help your questions at all. I still say girl! : )

  2. love this post! you look FAB!!

  3. Yes I have heard all these! Especially since we aren't finding out...everyone thinks they know what it is. I would say your carrying low, but yeah who knows! Everyone has told me ours is a boy because from behind you can't see or tell I'm pregnant. However the Chinese and heart rate all say girl! It's a 50/50 chance! Good luck and can't wait to see what y'all are having!

  4. Mark says: When my first was coming, I concentrated on finding a girl's name (twas a girl) and with my second, a boy's name (twas a boy. [I think you guys were heavy with the girl's names] Sue says: it's a girl.


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