Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby H. Week 31

Nine Weeks Left!
I am definitely starting to notice more weight in my face...especially in this picture.

Size: Baby H. is about 16 inches long and is the weight of four navel oranges, about 3.3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Official doctor weigh in: 28 pounds gained.

Maternity Clothes: Yes...although some of the pants I bought early in the pregnancy get a little uncomfortable in the waist by the end of the day. I did not want to buy any more maternity clothes if I could help it, but it looks like it is inevitable. If only I could wear sleep bottoms to work...oh well.

Cravings: Still none, but still heavy on the dairy products.

Symptoms: Vein achiness was the biggest problem this week. They are not too painful, just uncomfortable. The itchy armpits have returned again, not as bad as earlier in the pregnancy. I guess my body is gearing up for our new arrival.

Movement: On Thursday and Friday there were constant movements. I am not sure when the baby took time to rest! It is neat to actually feel major movements when I am at school because before they were only happening at night.
I have started my kick counts. After dinner I have to lay on my side and count ten times that the baby moves and then record how long that it took. Fortunately the baby gets all the movements in pretty quickly; unfortunately I just want to take a nap while I am laying down.

Sleep: Good this week. I was able to fall back to sleep after my bathroom trips which was a huge plus. I also was able to 'sleep in' until 6:30 over the weekend.

Moments of the Week: Our doctor appointment. We heard the heartbeat at 163 - the little one was very active on Wednesday morning!
We also came home to several packages this week. One of the packages was the dresser for the nursery. As soon as we get the carpet cleaned we will have a nursery to set up. I have a feeling Baby H. is going to be very spoiled!

What I Miss: My energy. It was rough going back to school this week, but the week went by quickly. It is getting harder to be energetic in front of the class, but I am still putting forth the effort. I am pretty much useless when I get home. It also didn't help that my classroom was a sauna this week. Not very conducive to a pleasant learning environment - or fun for the very pregnant teacher.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Parking my car in the garage again. It is never fun to scrape windows at 6am, but much less fun when you can't reach the middle of the windshield! We are going to shift all of the "stuff" in the garage so my car fits. It will also mean I can get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. {Yes, we are those Northerners who treat their garage like a basement since we are lacking one. We even have the old couch in the garage right now.}
We usually have to fight to keep Kona out of the weekly pictures.
This week Dave took a picture of Kona by himself.
Sorry for the freaky eyes - I could not fix it.
Hunter hides as soon as he sees the camera. He is scared of the flash.

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  1. Looking good! I would die if my classroom was hot...thankfully I have control over mine and YES we still have the ac on in there. My kids just wear their sweaters, ha. I can totally understand all your energy issues, as I have found if I don't do it at school, then it doesn't get done. Keep it up you can do it; the kids probably don't notice a difference because they adapt so easily too!


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