Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Leaf Love

Sophia has hit a point where she doesn't cooperate when I have the camera in my hands. Luckily she loves to run and play. I try to position myself so I can capture the perfect shot, which rarely happens, Having leaves all over on a warm day made for some fun pictures.
The best part was covering Baby Sunshine in leaves. She was quite pleased with herself.

Sadie Sky Boutique
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  1. These seem like pretty perfect pictures to me... you perfectly captured her sweet smiles and joy!!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! She looks so brilliantly happy in every picture! I love her hair along with the fall colors in the trees and all around. You are an amazing photographer mama! You should consider a photography tutorial series! ;)

  3. beautiful photos, and your girl sophia's gorgeous!
    they often don't enjoy to ptake the pose for the phots, and if i tell you the truth, i prefer natural photos and not to strike a pose :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. I am happy if Sophia can be still long enough for me to snap a picture. I think I have given up on getting her to pose :)


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