Monday, March 31, 2014

Insta-matic March

Here are some of my favorite Instagram pictures from March.
As always, obsessed with my little lady.
Three cake pops are better than one.
At the doctor for her two year checkup with some crazy bedhead.
Toast with the pup.
Super Sophia made an appearance in Pennsylvania.
My little movie star.
Test driving the trike.
Chocolate milk makes rough days better.
Afternoon drive.
More fun to run than get your picture taken.
Also important to keep your hair out of your eyes while you run.
If only she would wear bows.
Sharing her sunnies with the tortoise.
Found Spring at the zoo!
Wishing her friends were home to play with.
Meeting her new best mascot friend - The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
My favorite picture. Sophia with daffodils.
Hanging with the gorillas.
That smile kills me, especially after a long day.
No more pictures!
Soaking up some spring at the playground.
Making friends with the bunnies.
I have started the #100happydays challenge. I'm on day 5 - find me on instagram @jenhimmel

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