Friday, March 2, 2012

We survived!

She is so tiny for her clothes!
 For the record: "gender neutral" clothes are designed for boys.

We came home yesterday and made it through the first night with minimal problems. I will recommend that installing a car seat is very important and better to do at home than in the hospital parking lot! We planned on installing the car seats on Thursday - but Sophia arrived before then! Luckily my frustration has been surfacing as laughter instead of tears. My nurse got quite a kick out of the car seat still in the box :)

Kind of wish I had taken the time to do my makeup and hair, but I just wanted to take our daughter home!

We spent time with the pups before introducing them to Sophia. Hunter was obsessed with her hat and blanket that Dave brought home from the hospital, but he is a little freaked out by the creature that makes noises.

He HATES having his picture taken, but this shows how freaked out he is.

Kona had little interest in the hat and blanket, but was very interested in how I smelled when I came home. He is very intrigued and curious by Sophia. He is always checking on her and sniffing and trying to give kisses to her.

The first night went really well. Dave is at work this morning and we have our first pediatrician appointment this afternoon.

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  1. These pics made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye at the same time...cute and funny! Great commentary.


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