Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Weeks

Sleepy Sophia in her Daddy's arms.

We just passed the official due date (March 12th) for Sophia. It is hard to believe that she has already been here for two weeks! Time is flying by so quickly.

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Tim and Wiley
We had a few visitors come over to love on Sophia.
Sophia also met her Uncle Bryan via Skype.

We got quite a few packages - full of little girl items! Dressing Sophia is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to get her a bunch of cute accessories. I am doing my best to avoid those websites (that shall remain nameless) with all of the handmade goodness. We'll see how much longer it lasts.

Her umbilical stump came off. Gross!

Sophia is starting to stretch out. I just love watching her put those little legs straight out.

She continues to be a little noise maker. She doesn't cry much, but watch out when she is hungry (she takes after her mama on that one). She constantly coos, grunts, snorts, sighs...lots of noises and sounds ALL THE TIME. She also hiccups just as much as she did before she was born.

We met with a Lactation Consultant. Our pediatrician  has two Lactation Consultants on staff - one at our office and one fairly close by. I have been very blessed that Sophia knows exactly what to do with little guidance on my part. The LC answered all of my questions and was super helpful with putting me at ease. Sophia ate and they weighed her to see how much she was eating. She got about 2 ounces while we were there, which is perfect! I am planning on meeting with the consultant again before I return to work.
Waiting to see Lia the LC.
We went on our first stroller ride. I love the frame that our carseat connects with. It is lightweight and such a smooth ride.
Yes, we are at Target again :)
We are still struggling a little bit with sleeping and waking up to eat. Some days are better than others.

Today we go for a weigh in. Sophia should be back up to birth weight at this point. After the doctor's appointment Sophia is going to have her pictures taken. I'm so excited to watch the process and see how the photographs turn out!
The gorgeous flowers that have made me smile this week.


  1. I LOVE that picture of her with her eyes open waiting on the LC! She's such a precious girl!


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