Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making Life Easier...

Two things have made life with a new baby MUCH easier at our house.

I introduced a pacifier this week. I did not want to use one, but our little lady is a much happier baby with it. Mommy is also happier with Sophia finding time to sleep instead of scream in the middle of the night. With breastfeeding I was nervous with Sophia getting confused from the pacifier, but thankfully, not a problem!
I do not have an iphone, but I LOVE my droid! I found a free app called iBaby that tracks feeding, diaper changes, and growth. In think it is also on the iPhone, but for a fee. I am not one of those people that does a great job of remembering the time of the last feeding (especially when I am sleep deprived). With iBaby I just tap the screen and it remembers it for me. I was keeping a paper log to track feedings and diaper changes, but it is so much more convenient on my phone since it is usually right next to me.
iBaby - baby activity tracker
If you have any more tips to make life easier with a little one, please pass them along!

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  1. Oh I wish I would have posted about that for you to have know...I too use Ibaby (and paid for it). I only use it for feeding and am so depend on it because I too normally don't recall when we started feeding. It is such a life support for a new mom. I know what to expect baby has it too another app not sure if it is on droid, but they do the same thing. I only use mine for bf..not sleep or diapers! You are so good to have held off on the paci...I gave it to Miss H at the hospital. They were horrified, but she just loved to suck and it soothed her. We have had not one bit of confusion over here. HA HA, they know where the good stuff is! So happy things are going well for you girls.


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