Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Insta-matic April

Thankful for an instagram recap since blogging has taken a backburner recently.
A look back at April.
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As always, obsessed with my little ladies.
thankful for new days and fresh starts...and this sweet smile
taste tester - she approved!
showing off her silly dress that is perfect for zerberts.
future photographer
best big sister
watching the doggies on tv (they were really kittens)
first soccer game
little sisters make the best cheerleaders
soccer joy
another soccer game, another chance to clap for our favorite soccer player
first ice cream cone
loving this age
she loves the slide!
rock star goalie
love watching her sleep
peek a boo!
first time on a rock wall
finally found a housekeeper we can afford

first steps {4.26} thanks to her drink

sharing on her terms
obsessed with her 'be be' 
driving (glue and dandelion at her request)
second time fishing - caught her first five fish!

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