Monday, July 18, 2016

fifteen months {Emma Layne}

Emma Layne,

A few months ago, on May 6, you turned 15 months old! Finally getting around to posting about it today (7/18) and will be sliding this into place where it belongs.
Your stats are pretty similar to your when you were a year.
You weigh 22 lbs, 10 oz (71st %ile).
You are 30.5 inches long (50th %ile).
Your head measures 48 cm (96th %ile).
You have dark hair and hazel eyes. Your hair is getting longer, but you take off bows and headbands as soon as we put them on. You are wearing clothes ranging from 18 months to 2T, depending on the brand. You wear size five in disposable diapers and cloth diapers during the day when we are home.
You have four teeth (two on the top and two on the bottom). You continue to be a great eater and have started using a plate and utensils, instead of just eating off of your tray. You don't care for cow's milk so we make sure you get your dairy in other forms, You are still nursing on demand and drink water from straw cups.
You have taken four steps independently and will walk if we hold one or both of your hands. You prefer to crawl and climb to get around. You love to dance (and 'raise the roof' with your hands). You love to be outside, play peek a boo, clap, give kisses, and cuddle. You are obsessed with your belly button - you call it your 'be be' - and everyone else's belly buttons. You love to play with cars and trains and make the best noises when you drive them around. We frequently find you in the foyer trying on all of the shoes.
Sleep has gotten so much better recently. You take a morning and afternoon nap most days. You mostly sleep through the night, although teething and a little virus had you up frequently the past week. You sleep with your white noise, bunny, and pacifier.
You are quite the talker. You have over 30 words and animal sounds that you say consistently...and even more that I haven't quite figured out yet. You most frequently say peaz (please) and de de (thank you). You use a few signs, but now that you are more verbal we have slacked off in that area.
You are easy going most of the time, but you have quite the temper when you are tired and don't get your way. You lay down, cry, and kick your feet. You also hit and have tried to bite a few times. Fortunately, you are easy to calm down and redirect.
You want to do everything that Sophia does. I love watching you try to mimic her. Sophia is getting better at including you when she plays, but you hate when she picks you up and moves you around.
Baby Sunshine, we love you right up to the moon and back!

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