Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Emma Layne {three months}

You are three months old today (May 6, 2015).

We don't have a doctor appointment this month so I am not sure of your stats, but you are growing like crazy! Several people have commented on how 'healthy' you look.
You have dark hair and blue eyes.
You are wearing size two diapers.
You are mostly wearing 6-12 months clothes and a few 3-6 month items that still fit.
You are eating every three hours around the clock, but sometimes you last four hours at night.
This month you had your first runny nose and some congestion. I think it was allergy related since we all seemed to have something similar. You have gotten better at burping and aren't spitting up quite as frequently, but the drool has increased tremendously this month.
At night you usually are asleep by 9 and wake up for the day around 7, waking every few hours to eat. You are still sleeping in the room with us. We have considered moving you into your own room to see if a little more distance from me will help you sleep for longer periods at night.
You do not have a formal schedule during the day, since we try to keep Big Sister entertained out of the house. You love to be close and I love our new lillebaby carrier.
You smile and coo to have conversations with us all the time. You are so close to big laughs. You have a little noise you make that could be considered a laugh, but I am anxiously awaiting the belly laughs. You are much easier to soothe when you get upset and have not been crying as frequently. Your pouty lip is quite cute and we see it when you get startled by loud noises, like the dogs barking.
You still aren't the biggest fan of tummy time. You will tolerate it for longer periods, but you fuss the whole time you are on your belly. You constantly have your hands up by your face, but have the hardest time getting your thumb or fingers into your mouth.
Sophia loves to offer you the pacifier when you are upset and loves to help with diaper changes. When we are in the car she always wants to be able to see you so she can talk with you.
Baby Sunshine, we really can't imagine a time without you in our lives. We love you right up to the moon and back.
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A comparison with Sophia:

Your monthly comparison:

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