Saturday, February 28, 2015


Sophia Mae,
You are THREE YEARS OLD today! (February 28, 2015)
You had your three year old checkup and loved almost every minute of it (thankfully you were up to date on shots). You weigh 31 pounds (59th %) and are 38.25 inches tall (70th %).
You have red curly hair and brown eyes. You still hate getting your hair brushed, but it is a battle that must be fought. You despise having your hair in your face and prefer to wear a bow instead of a ponytail.
You are close to being potty trained. You still needs lots of reminders, but you are getting better at listening to your body. You wear a diaper at night, but usually wake up dry.
You are wearing clothes ranging from 2T - 4T and wear a size nine shoe. If we don't have plans for the day you would just rather wear pajamas all day and I don't blame you.
You are a great eater and I am so thankful for that. You will try almost anything and will claim that you like it. If you don't care for something you will take a big sip of your drink to "wash it down". You have been cooking more frequently with Daddy and I think that helps you to at least try new foods and flavors. Your favorite breakfasts are either Chex or yogurt parfaits. You like to eat a 'snack lunch' where you have a large variety of foods to choose from.
You have always been a great sleeper, but recently started dropping your afternoon nap. I was hoping you would hold onto it a little bit longer, but I guess it was time. You still take a rest time in your room which usually involves you reading or playing with your toys.
There was a time I was worried about your speech, but you are talking all the time now. There are times where we don't understand what you are saying, but we usually can figure it out.
You have a fiery independent streak and insist on doing most things by yourself. You can get easily frustrated and will ask for help when you need it. Before Emma was born you had a phase where you wanted to play the baby all the time.
You love reading and insist on having several books in your bed. You also love television. You have several favorites on Disney Junior and Netflix. Your favorite movie is Frozen. Your screen time is limited, but you have gotten to watch a bit more recently thanks to Emma.
You love to play doctor and can do so for hours each day. You love puzzles, playing princess, taking care of your babies, and playing with play dough. When the weather is warm you love to spend your time outdoors at a playground. You love gym class and I love to watch how proud you are of yourself when you are successful at a new skill. You love to dance, sing, and make up songs. I hope you always sing as passionately as you do now.
Your Daddy and I have loved how entertaining you have made the last three years. Thank you for making every day fun. We love you to the moon and back!
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