Friday, February 13, 2015

Emma Layne: 1 Week

We survived our first week as a family of four.
Sophia loves being a big sister and helping with Baby Sunshine. She was a little grossed out by Emma's bellybutton, but the umbilical stump came off yesterday. She likes to assist at every diaper change and give Emma her 'pacimouth' when she gets upset.
The dogs are adapting well to having a new baby in the house. They constantly try to give Emma kisses, but are still getting used to having a crying baby in the house.
Dave and I were quite surprised at how giant Sophia seems now that Emma has joined us. There is a huge difference between seven pounds and thirty pounds.
I loved my nurses at the hospital, but it was quite a different hospital experience from when I had Sophia. It wasn't bad, just different. Emma's birth story to come soon.
We were discharged on Sunday and our sweet neighbors came over to visit with Emma.
On Monday we had our first trip to pediatrician followed by a trip to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to get a blood test for jaundice. Emma was looking a little yellow but was in the safe range with her biliruben score.
A nurse came and did a home visit on Tuesday. She helped us perfect a breastfeeding position. I forgot how different breastfeeding a newborn can be. Luckily, Emma loves to eat so we have had plenty of time to practice.
Wednesday Dave's parents arrived. I am so thankful that they are here to help out. Sophia loves having them to play with. It was a day full of presents from the grandparents spoiling both Sophia and Emma. Even though I have all of Sophia's clothes saved, it is nice for Emma to have some new clothes of her own.
Dave headed back to work on Thursday and I might have cried a bit. It was so nice to have him home, even if it was just a short stretch. He gets paternity leave, but I asked him to spread it out instead of taking it all at once.
Today Emma had her weight check at the pediatrician and she surpassed her birth weight. I knew she was eating well, but I was thrilled that she made significant gains. I was also thrilled to hear that I can let her sleep for four hour stretches overnight. I am a much happier Mommy when I rest well.
I am not planning on doing recaps of every week, but I am hoping to post on a regular basis because I love looking back at how much Sophia has grown and changed. Read about Sophia's first week here.
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