Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love IKEA! I also love that my husband has enough patience to assemble their furniture. I would not get very far.
We went to IKEA this week in hopes of finding a dresser for the nursery that could also double as a changing table. We did not end up finding a dresser while there (or at the five other stores we visited) but we did get a few fun items.
Our sliding glass doors needed some decoration and these curtains are perfect!
They just need to be hemmed so that they do not puddle on the floor so much.
New hangers for the coat closet.
Dave got these fun magazine files for his cooking magazines.
In addition to this fun striped pattern he got green, black, and white.
They are MUCH better to look at than stacks of magazines on the shelf.
We did end up finding a dresser that is very similar to the overpriced one that we originally fell in love with. I discovered the website Wayfair and they had a combo dresser that we love. We ordered it (and found a 10% off coupon on RetailMeNot). I can't wait for it to arrive and get assembled. We are on our way to having a nursery!

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