Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby H. Week 28

The Third Trimester

Size: Baby H. is the size of a chinese cabbage (have you ever seen one of these?!) and weighs about 2.25 pounds. The little one measures at 14.8 inches from head to heel.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Home scale - 26 pounds. Official weigh in at the doctors today.

Maternity Clothes: My gap maternity pants arrived and they fit - yay! Now I just need to get a few more shirts to give my limited wardrobe some variety.

Cravings: None - I am excited for holiday treats and Dave's cooking! I have decided to postpone my baking until after my doctor's appointment. I have my glucose test and there is no sense baking a bunch of treats that will add unnecessary sugar to my diet. After the glucose test (if all goes well) I will not feel guilty about the extra sweets.

Symptoms: I think it is possible that I pulled a muscle in my abdomen this week. Definitely uncomfortable. I have been doing really good about lifting things, but I picked up a bag that I guess was a bit heavier than I should have. I put a call in to the doctor and they told me some other things to look for. No other symptoms have appeared - just uncomfortable.

Movement: Definitely moving and grooving happening in there. It is my favorite evening distraction to watch my belly move all over the place.

Sleep: Not great this week, but not awful either. I was definitely feeling more tired this week.

Moments of the Week: I have gotten such a kick out of watching the belly move when I am relaxing. It is the neatest thing! I also like that I can tell which side the baby is on even if the little one is not moving around. Dave was able to feel the hiccups this week. He seems to miss out on the really good movement, but got to feel some significant thumps and bumps.

What I Miss: Lifting things! It is funny what you take for granted. I thought I was doing a really good job, but Monday proved me wrong (see above).

What I'm Looking Forward to: Winter break, our doctor's appointment, and CHRISTMAS of course. I can't wait to spend time with Dave (work has been very hectic for him) and our NC "family".

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