Sunday, February 28, 2016

f o u r

It has been over a month since Sophia turned four. Posted 4/8.
Sophia Mae,
You are FOUR YEARS OLD today (February 28, 2016).

You weigh 38 pounds (75th %ile) and are 42 inches tall (98th %ile). You've grown quite a bit this year!

You have long red curly hair that has never been cut and brown eyes. You like to wear your hair in ponytails or braids, but there is often a bit of convincing that needs to be done for you to get your hair brushed. You usually shower and have taken over hair washing duties.
Most of your clothes are 5T or 5, but you have a few 4T items that still fit. Your shoes are size 10.5 (but your soccer cleats are a 12!). You pick out your own outfits, frequently adding a tutu, and wear mismatch socks daily.

You got a little picky with your food choices for awhile, but once Emma started eating solid foods you were right back on track. Chex continues to be your favorite breakfast food, but now you prefer to only eat the Chocolate Chex. You love to pick the ingredients for smoothies and cook with Daddy. One of your friends got you a cookbook for your birthday and you love picking out the recipes to make.
You started at a public Montessori-ish Preschool this year and enjoy your teacher and class, although sometimes you have a hard time walking through the door in the morning. Your favorite work stations and lessons involve patterns, cutting, gluing, and writing. You have learned and grown so much this year.

You like to read and write in your journal before you fall asleep. You rarely nap but get a brief rest time in the afternoon where you play and read in your room.
You talk all the time and your vocabulary has exploded. Occasionally we have a hard time understanding what you are trying to tell us, but you have gotten great at explaining what you mean.

You are the best big sister and Emma adores you. You share (most) of your toys and show Emma how to do things. You like to read to her, push her in her car, and chase her around. I love watching the two of you interact.
You still love books, but your newest obsession are "Find It" books (like Where's Waldo). You could spend hours looking for the hidden pictures. Your current favorite show is Octonauts and you still watch Little Einsteins. Frozen and Tangled are your favorite movies. You do not get much screen time, but you are great with operating the ipad for your shows and games.

You have a great imagination and love to pretend play - current favorites are doggy, mommy, doctor, Octonauts, and princess. You love to ride your bike and scooter. You usually want to either play at the playground or in your playroom. You love gym class and occasionally take a dance class. You sing and dance all the time. You just started playing soccer and love to be the goalie.
The past four years have flown by. I cannot believe you are already four. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and pushing us to be better parents. We love you to the moon and back!
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  1. Happy birthday, little one!!! Hope she has a marvellous day!!


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