Monday, February 15, 2016

o n e

We spent last weekend celebrating Emma turning one with our little family and it was perfect. Emma was fascinated with the cake and the candle and big sister was happy to blow out the flame after we sang.
Dave tried helping Emma eat and gave her a pep talk about how good funfetti cake with buttercream icing is, but she wanted little to do with the cake until we cut into it and ate some with her. I think she did a pretty good job demolishing part of it.
We only did a few presents (and thank goodness because unwrapping them was painfully slow - hooray for big sister to speed things up). Emma enjoyed crumpling the wrapping paper and checking out her toys. Her favorite part of the process was being in charge of the screwdriver to assemble her car ramps. She really did not want to give it up or exchange it for a toy one.
This was by far the fastest year ever. We still can't believe our Baby Sunshine is a year old!
We love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday!
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