Monday, January 18, 2016


One of the best things we have done since moving to Cincinnati is enrolling Sophia in classes at The Little Gym. We started with the parent/child classes, but for the past year she has been taking classes independently while I watch (and try not to be too much of a mamarazzi with my excessive picture taking). This past week was Show Week, where the parents got to go inside the gym and the little ones showed off all of the skills they have been working on. I love seeing how much she has grown - both in her gymnastics skills and her confidence.

Part of their warm up cracked me up - they were a human train and it was hysterical and super cute at the same time. I have a bunch of videos of her routines, but she loves the bars. She recently learned how to flip and will continually go around and around the bars. She is still developing her grip strength and focus, but she continues to be a little monkey.
Sophia loves Mr. Nic and being silly in his class. They both share a love of mis-matched socks.
Emma waiting for the show to begin...and wondering when she gets to start class in the gym.

we truly love the little gym and this is not a sponsored post :)
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  1. What a little gymnast!! We are Little Gym lovers too! and this is not a sponsored comment ;-)


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