Thursday, August 6, 2015

Emma Layne {six months}

Emma Layne, 
You are six months old today (August 6, 2015)!
{How are you already a half year old?!?}
Here are your stats:
Weight: 17lbs 14oz (81st percentile)
Length: 26in (56th percentile)
Head: 44.75cm (98th percentile)
You have dark hair and blue eyes (that are starting to look a little more blue-grey).
You finished up the last of your size two diapers and are wearing size three diapers all the time. You mostly wear twelve month clothing, but have a few nine month items that fit.
You nurse on demand, which usually ends up being every three to four hours during the day. You take about six ounces when you get a bottle, although we do not give you bottles often. You continue to drool and spit up regularly, but in smaller amounts.
You have just started to show an interest in food. I am not in a rush with solids and we are going to do more of a baby-led approach to eating, but you will have some pureed food too. You have started to join us at the table at meal times if you are not napping.
Sleeping is still very inconsistent. You have had several nights of eight straight hours of sleep, but usually have a six hour stretch. There are also the nights that you are awake every three hours to nurse. Unfortunately on the nights you sleep well, you want to start your day as the sun is just starting to rise. You fall asleep with your pacifier and bunny.
You continue to be fairly easy going during the day. You can be pretty fussy at bedtime, but it doesn't last too long. 
You love to talk and make noises. You have discovered how to make raspberries and constantly have your tongue out of your mouth. You smile and laugh all the time, especially when Sophia is entertaining you. No one can make you laugh quite like her.
Although you prefer to be on your back, you roll over to your side or belly as soon as you are put down. It has made diaper changes quite fun. You spend a lot of time on your belly, but have only rolled a few times from your belly to back.
We both can't wait for you to be able to sit independently. You are so close! You fuss to be put in a sitting position, but need a pillow to keep you upright. You love your fingers and toes, toys, spoons - really anything you can get your hands on. Hair pulling has reached a new level and Sophia and I keep your fingers at bay with ponytails.
You smile all the time when we are out. People love your rolls and you love to give them your toothless grin while they are talking to you. You love the dogs and smile as soon as you see them. Now that your highchair is out, Hunter has started taking an interest in you. Kona loves to smother you with kisses whenever he can.
Sophia continues her obsession with you. She would prefer that you lay on your back all day so that she can entertain you. She has started to get a little rougher with you now that you are a bit more mobile and I have to constantly remind her to give you space and be gentle. 
Baby Sunshine, thank you for being a little ray of light. We love you right up to the moon and back.

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A comparison with Sophia.
Your monthly comparison:
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