Monday, August 10, 2015


Last month we planned a day trip to Columbus, which is about an hour and a half from where we live. I came up with a list of activities to keep us entertained, but we decided to start with COSI and ended up spending the day there.

We started at the Ocean Exhibit where Sophia went into a submarine and explored the controls. Her favorite part of the Ocean area was building with the k'nex and making creatures. I think she followed the directions to make three of them before we left to explore more of the museum.
Next stop was outdoors for the Big Science Park where the highlight was lifting up a car. Sophia liked that the car lifted her off the ground too!
We ventured upstairs to the Space exhibit. Sophia got to ride in a space capsule, test her armchair astronaut skills, and make a mini movie. Her favorite part was sitting on the toilet that is used on a shuttle. She has been potty trained for awhile, but I felt the need to keep reminding her that it was just a display toilet and not the real thing.
For convenience we ate lunch in the courtyard of the museum and spent a few minutes exploring part of a riverfront park. Sophia just wanted to run and didn't have much patience for a Mama who wanted to take a few pictures.
When we returned inside, we spent some time pretending in the Little Kidspace. I hope whenever our local children's museum gets freshened up it looks more like this. 
When we were able to drag Sophia away, Dave and Sophia headed to the Gadgets area. Emma and I took a milk break and I found Dave and Sophia in the crowds of summer camp kids making their contraptions fly in the wind tunnels. This exhibit was fun, but loud.
Progress was Sophia's least favorite exhibit. She was the three year old walking around saying "I don't like 1962." She did enjoy riding the 10 cent rocket and being a news broadcaster, but kept asking when we would be back at the museum. Ha!
We briefly visited the Life and Energy Explorers exhibits, but we did not take in any of the live shows this time around. I am looking forward to a return visit when the girls are a little older so they can both explore and enjoy the museum.
We were at the museum from open to close. After stopping for dinner at Cap City Fine Diner (which was so good!) we make our journey back home. 

What should we do next time we make the trip to Columbus?
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