Saturday, June 6, 2015

Emma Layne (four months)

Emma Layne,
You are four months old today (June 6, 2015)!
Here are your stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 4.8 oz (73rd percentile)
Length: 24.25 in (41st percentile)
Head: 42.5 cm (93rd percentile)
You have dark hair and light blue eyes.
You are wearing size two diapers and clothing ranging from six to twelve months, but are rapidly outgrowing the few six month items that still fit.
You eat almost every three hours during the day. I don't pump often, but you are taking about a five ounce bottle and then wanting to nurse when that is finished.
We are still working on getting you to sleep longer at night. Your first stretch is the longest, usually about five hours and then you wake frequently after that. On good nights you will last another three hours, but sometimes you are ready to eat again in an hour.
You do not have a set schedule during the day and are pretty easy going and nap wherever we are.
You are not a huge fan of being alone and like to be within eyesight of one of us. You have the best smile and are quite the little chatterbox. 
We are still struggling with tummy time. You do your little baby push ups and will tolerate it for about five minutes and then you just put your head down and get very worked up. You have great head control and like to sit in your baby seat. Everything is going in your mouth right now. You love to hold onto toys and like to grasp a blanket when you are falling asleep.
Sophia has become quite obsessed with you this month. She is constantly checking on you and talking to you and keeping you entertained. She loves to hold you and give you bottles. She has also started changing your diaper (with help).
Baby Sunshine, thank you for being such a ray of light in our lives. We love you right up to the moon and back.

Read about Sophia's fourth month here.

A comparison with Sophia:
Your monthly comparison:

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