Thursday, October 6, 2016

Insta-matic September

 Here are some of my favorite instagram pictures from September.
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As always, obsessed with my little ladies.
perfect place to sit
scratch made cupcake with buttercream
family picture time
first day of preschool
soccer love
little girl in a big mask
night swim
sleeping sunshine + m&ms = successful flight
morning swim
hanging in terminal e
bye for now philly
beautiful day for a walk home from school
put me in coach! I'm ready to play!
fun with friends at a new-to-us playground
zoo trip!

sweet sisters
I'm quite fawned of you, my deer

taking the term 'soccer mom' to the next level
ballet, followed by snacking our way through costco
climbing to the top bunk every chance she gets
sidelined during the soccer season. tough job being the little sister.
mommy's little sous chef
chainsaw bunny
"Mama, this is my love light. Everyone has love and peace inside them."
soccer girl
celebrating the second day of fall with a trip to the splash park
ruff day as a four and a half year old
someone was too cool to stick out their tongue
snuggles while we watch big sister play soccer
personal eyeglass shopper
new frames for mama
she loves to be in the goal
halloween pjs!

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