Sunday, December 6, 2015

Emma Layne {ten months}

Emma Layne, 
You are ten months old today (December 6, 2015)!

We do not have a doctor appointment this month, so no updated stats, but you are growing like crazy. I am starting to notice a slight reduction in your glorious rolls, but they will be around a little longer.
You have brown hair and blue-grey eyes. You wear size four diapers and eighteen month clothing, but it will be time for an upgrade soon.
You nurse on demand, about every three hours during the day. We have given up on bottles. You use a straw cup, but prefer sips from a regular cup. You love to eat, but have the least interest in breakfast. You eat what we eat and are often done eating because we have run out of food, rather than being full. I am not sure what your favorite foods would be since you chow down on everything that we put in front of you, but you are still a big fan of dog food. You get the best victory face when you come across a piece that the pups have left behind.
Nighttime sleep continues to be fun. I am trying to accept that as long as you are nursing you will be up frequently during the night. At least that way, it is a pleasant surprise when I get longer than a three hour stretch. Nap time is becoming a challenge when we are away from home. You will snooze away from your bed, but you take the best naps in your crib. On days that we are home you usually take an hour and a half nap in the morning and a two hour nap in the afternoon.
We are still on the watch for the first tooth to make an appearance. Other fun milestones include crawling everywhere at top speeds, pulling up, standing, screaming, 'dancing', waving, and clapping. You have taken a few tumbles after pulling yourself up so that is not your favorite thing, but you love to stand with assistance and have lasted a few seconds on your own.
You understand a few signs, like 'milk', 'more', and 'all done', but you are not using signs on your own yet. Your favorite phrase continues to be 'ma ma ma' which seems to mean all the things. Occasionally it also means Mama. You say mama and dada and lots of other sounds. You are very vocal so you may have other words, but they seem to blend in with all of your babbling. I swear you have said 'di da' twice after I said sister, but I could be imagining that.
You had your first big cold this month (and still have it) which has been pretty miserable, but other than that, you are still so happy and easy to please. Your temper has started to show itself a bit more, but you are easy to redirect.
You love walks in the stroller and baby carrier. Bath time is your favorite time of day. You prefer phones, tv remotes, and Sophia's toys to your own right now. Big Sister is your favorite form of entertainment and no one can make you laugh quite like her. You love to play peek-a-boo, be tickled, and read books.
Sophia adores you. She looks for you first thing every morning. Sophia insists that the two of you match your clothes most days. Fortunately, matching can be something as simple as you both are wearing something purple. Big Sister is your favorite form of entertainment and no one can make you laugh quite like her. Sophia loves on you all day long and is your biggest protector.
Baby Sunshine, you truly are shining star. We love you right up to the moon and back.

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A comparison with Sophia:
Your monthly comparison:
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