Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall on the Farm: Blooms and Berries

I have an informal fall bucket list, but visiting the pumpkin patch was at the top of the list and it got crossed off over the weekend. We made our first trip to Blooms and Berries and had so much fun. Our time was cut a little short because of football, but Sophia loved exploring some of the farm and picking out her pumpkin.
After climbing on hay bales and riding on farm equipment, Sophia and Dave hopped on the cow train. How they both squeezed themselves onto Bessie is still a mystery to me. I really wanted a few pictures of the girls with the sunflowers, but quickly gave up on my vision of what the pictures should look like. Sophia was in the mood to explore and wanted little to do with getting her picture taken.
Sophia is the perfect age for all of the activities that are set up. She loved exploring the playground areas, racing ducks and eggs, checking out the animals, and stopping at all the photo ops.
"Mommy, you be the Big Bad Wolf!"
While Sophia played on the awesome tire swings and spider web, I snapped a few pictures of Emma with the squash.
We ended our visit to the farm with a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. I told Sophia she could get whatever pumpkin she could carry. She lifted a few before settling on one. Emma was far more intrigued by the grass than the pumpkins. 
Sophia wants to head back and swing on the tire creations again. I will definitely be checking out the corn maze on our next visit.
 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg

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