Friday, April 3, 2015

Emma's Birth Story

Emma turned eight weeks old today. Eight weeks. Wow. Time has flown by. I can't remember a time that I have been so tired, but I also can't imagine a time without Emma in our lives. It truly seems like she has always been a part of our family. Today I am finally getting around to share her birth story.

When I had my initial appointment at the OB she suggested that if I made it to 39 weeks they would induce me since my labor was so fast with Sophia. I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I also didn't think that I would make it to 39 weeks. Fast forward to being 3 cm dilated at 37 weeks, a practice run to the hospital, and my doctor commenting that I "might last another week" and I was certain that I would be in labor at any point. I tried almost all of the old wives tales to get labor started on my own, but ended up scheduling my induction for 39 weeks. I felt a little guilty that I was starting the process with medicine, but ultimately was happy with the decision.

We woke up early on February 6th and got Sophia ready to spend the day with neighbors. I held back a few tears as we dropped her off and thought about her last morning as an only child. Dave and I made the drive to the hospital and I couldn't help but think about the drive when I was in labor with Sophia. Being in active labor in a car is not a fun experience and I was very thankful to be comfortable, even though I was feeling rather anxious.
We checked in at the hospital and were sent back to the delivery suite at 7. I was 'lucky' enough to have two nurses, one of which was an orientee. I had to practice a bit of patience, but everything went according to plan. At 7:30, after two failed attempts, they finally got a vein and started me on fluids. We chose not to find out the gender but once the fetal heart rate monitor was hooked up, I was certain we were having a girl. At my appointments the heart rate varied, but was always within boy range. The monitor at the hospital was showing a very strong 163.
It bothered us that the board said '2014' but neither of us changed it.
Shortly after 8:30 they started the pitocen. I wasn't sure what to expect, but not much happened. Around 9:00 my cervix was checked (I was at 4 cm) and my water was broken. Dave and I walked several laps around the floor, but I wasn't allowed to leave the unit so our walks were not very interesting. My contractions were about two minutes apart, but not painful and not very regular.

Around 10:15 we returned to the room and my pitocen was increased. I passed some time rocking in the glider. I started to feel a little more uncomfortable, but my pain level wasn't too intense. About a half hour later the nurse returned to up the pitocen again. I continued to rock until I was too uncomfortable to sit and the contractions were more intense.

I moved to the bed and my nurses left to take their break. Things start to get a little fuzzy here. I remember moaning and writhing around with each contraction. I wanted to know how far dilated I was, but my nurses were on break and the doctor was in another part of the hospital. I wanted to deliver without medicine, but I was at the point that I was ready for meds if I had to wait much longer. Dave put a call into the nurses station and a nurse came in to check me and told me I was at 8 cm.
Since I felt like I was ready to push, the doctor was called and my nurses returned. The room was set up for delivery. I started pushing at 11:45 and nine minutes the baby was here. I think I went through five quick rounds of pushing with contractions before Emma joined us. I don't remember anyone announcing it was a girl, but I saw that she was a girl as soon as they placed her on my chest. 
Right after she was born is a blur. Emma spent time doing skin to skin and proved that her bladder worked while she was laying on me, just like big sister did. While the nurse took her into the connected room to do her initial exam, get her weight, and get her wrapped up, I completed the delivery process. I ended up needing a few stitches, but my tear was minor. Dave got the opportunity to hold her and then she was able to nurse for the first time.
I had to stay and be monitored in the delivery suite for two hours before I could be moved to my room. We soaked up the time staring at Emma, coming to terms with the fact that we had two kids, and calling our family and telling them the good news. Our first call was to Sophia to let her know that she had a little sister. I have a few more pictures to share from the rest of our time in the hospital, but I will save them for another post.
Baby Sunshine we are so blessed to have you as a part of our family. We love you so much!
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