Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time with my loves

I know a lot of people take for granted the time they have with their immediate family. Time is often overlooked, but it is more than just a little thing for us. Being married to a chef, I try to make the most of the time we get together as a family. Dave usually works at least fourteen hour days, sometimes six days a week. One of the downfalls of being married to a chef is the hours - Dave is rarely home for dinner or our bedtime routine. Most nights I am lucky to see him before I fall asleep.

Dave had a rare day off and we enjoyed every minute from breakfast to bedtime. 
We took advantage of warmer weather and made a trip to the zoo. We watched the penguin parade, polar bear wrestling, and visited with the other animals.
This plump little squirrel tried to march with the penguins.
A few of the many faces of Sophia.
She is totally aware of the camera when I am trying to take her picture.
The best part of the day was the time that we got to spend together.
 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks so fun!

  2. Visiting from the link up. Lucy is so cute! Love her little curly pigtails. :)

  3. Penguins parading! Now that is fun. Love zoo days.


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