Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I feel like I never have time to keep this current anymore. I have all of Sophia's monthly posts ready, but the pictures still need to be added before I use the power of blogger to make it look like they were posted in a timely fashion. I can't believe she is already thirteen months old! What happened to the time!

School is on Spring Break this week and I am enjoying the much needed time away from my students. This year has been challenging. I am having a hard time finding balance between school and home. I don't feel I am doing the best I can in either area, but I am doing the best I am able to do right now. Papers may take a little longer to get graded, the house may not get cleaned regularly, but it is getting done at a pace I can handle. Soon it will be summer.

Just a few recent unedited phone pictures of my little lady...hopefully I will find time to blog more soon. Today a visit to the dentist is in order.

Blowing kisses is the new way to kiss goodnight at our house.
I kind of miss the tongue-out kisses she used to give, but I'm happy for any kind of kiss I can get!

Plates make great drums!

Working on eating from a plate.

Walking in the park with Daddy.
I might have teared up while taking this picture.
Wishing I could freeze time!

Loving any toy with buttons that makes noise.

Morning drumming on the front door.

Out for a walk on a beautiful day.

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  1. I too use the power of blogger for my monthly updates! I think you are doing a fine and home! I couldn't do it as I have said a million times before. Enjoy your spring break!


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