Friday, September 28, 2012

Seven Months

You are seven months old today (September 28, 2012).

I am not sure how much you weigh since we do not have a doctor's appointment this month. But I think you are about 15 pounds.

You wear size two diapers.
You are wearing 3-6 and 6-12 month clothing.
You continue to eat two meals a day in addition to your milk - and you love your milk! This month you tried butternut squash, apples, peas, oats, peaches, carrots, bananas, and green beans. We have been introducing one new food every four days. No matter what we offer you, you eat it (even if you don't care for it).
You are still sleeping through the night but you are not always napping well during the day. Some days you just catnap for a few minutes. You fall asleep by 7 every night and usually have to get woken up to go to Ms. Lorena's.
You continue to be very flexible with your routine and love to be out of the house.

You are crawling everywhere...and fast! We have childproofed most of the house, but you keep finding more areas for us to take care of. You started pulling up on things the same day you started crawling and love to stand. You are still having trouble planting your feet flat so you fall over quite a bit.
You get so excited when the pups come near you. You do this little scream and start crawling very fast. The dogs are not fond of your movement toward them so they have been keeping thier distance. Kona is still the first to greet you when you wake up.
Diaper changes got very challenging this month - you are not a fan of laying on your back to get cleaned up.

I love this stage that you are in. You are such a little daredevil and explorer. I can't wait to see what you are doing next!
We love you and treasure the time we have with you.

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